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Land Information New Zealand

Toitū Te Whenua


  • record the physical features of our natural and built environments to provide up-to-date maps and information
  • provide a location-based reference system to enable accurate positioning of land and sea features
  • manage our Crown land, river and lake beds, administering high country pastoral leases, and Crown forestry licenses on land held for Treaty settlements
  • survey our sea, providing official nautical charts and publications for safety at sea
  • help make our location-based information easy to find, share and use
  • set rating valuation standards and work with local government to ensure confidence in our rating valuation system
  • manage our survey and title transactions to provide confidence in our property rights system
  • administer the rules for overseas investment in sensitive New Zealand assets, ensuring a balance between protecting those assets and facilitating investments that benefit New Zealand.

They also:

  • Support the New Zealand Geographic Board in the naming of our geographic features and places, including those on the continental shelf and in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica.




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